Whistler Negatives… What’s ‘the stink’ on Whistler :: Local’s Tips by Alan Lande

It’s EASY to claim that when it’s good, Whistler is the BEST ski/snowboard area in the World!

But let’s look at Whistler Negatives….

Along with the massive usual 40 plus feet of snow, I have often heard, “but it can rain in Whistler ” !

Fret not – This is not as negative as it sounds… generally speaking, when there is rain in Whistler Village, it’s snowing in The Alpine!!!

Have a look at these points about Whistler:

  • all Whistler’s base lifts are covered, allowing you to go up to mid level where it generally snowing at this elevation, and beyond.
  • Whistlers base elevation is 2550 ft, as opposed to 7,000- 10,000ft in Colorado. Average Snow holidays are 3 -5 days …Why spend the large part of your snow holiday having a hard time acclimating to the elevation …..suffering from fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, alcohol poisoning, difficulty sleeping, nosebleeds etc etc for the first few days? Being involved in International Ski Racing in my past, we had to go to Colorado etc Resorts. 3-4 days earlier just to acclimate!
  • whether Pregnant, Heart, Respiratory, & other health issues, Whistler is infinitely more friendly to your overall initial body wellness.
  • based on “Canadian Manners”, the management of Whistler Blackcomb choose not to “mud-sling” these facts, but Science, & Nature prevail!

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Come Play Outside With Me, Alan Lande

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